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PE Film Inserter

Product Detail Information

* The system for automatically cutting the roll-type PE film then inserting into bottle.

* Feature

  1. Meet cGMP requirements.
  2. Its possible to cutting & inserting the required length of PE film.
  3. Its available to insert the PE film 1~3 time per container (Adjustable to inserting).
  4. Easy adjustable PE film inserting depth.
  5. Simple change over.
  6. No PE film no inserting.
  7. Sensor for folding bottle.
  8. Easy operation with user-friendly screen.
  9. Visible cover provide safety operation.

* Specification

  1. Machine name : PE film inserter
  2. Model No. : AIV-62S
  3. Type : PE film cutting & filling
  4. Machine speed : Max 60bottle/min
  5. Container type : Square, Octangle, Hexagon, Circle, Oval etc
  6. Container size : Out diameter Ø25~Ø100 Height 50mm~200mm Inserting diameter Ø25~Ø50
  7. Control type : P.L.C & Touch screen
  8. PE film type : Roll type
  9. Power required : 1Phase 220V 50/60Hz
  10. Compressed air : 5~6kg/㎠ 20ℓ/min
  11. Machine size : (W) 910mm (L) 1490mm (H) 1920mm
  12. Machine weight : 350kg

* Specification might be changed without the notice for the improvement of the performance as per URS(User Requirement Specification).