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Multi-channel Counter

Product Detail Information

* Tablets & Capsules counting and filling machine
* Three Models : Standard, Double, Less packaging high speed(6Line Double)

* Feature

1. Standard : ACS-20S

1) ACS-20S 12 channel with single head system.
2) Adopted for small size tablets and medium counting range(approx. 50-100 tab. Per bottle).
3) Single & twin lane sanitary conveyor available.
4) Simple and quick change over as tool-free system.
5) Superior counting accuracy with infrared beam sensor.
6) Stainless steel covered structure with cGMP standard.
7) User-friendly touch screen provide stable and easy operation.
8) Stable sensor for bottle, tablet, air accompanied.
9) Respective speed adjustable for three step vibrator.
10) Pre-test for respective parts provide easy and simple setting.
11) Sensor with sanitary hopper.
12) Auto reject system for less or over counted bottle.
13) Various bottle available.

2. Double : ACD-20S

1) ACD-20S 24 channel with double head system.
2) Adopted for high speed counting volume.
3) Twin lane sanitary conveyor system.
4) Separate operation available.
5) 2*12 channel available as separate touch screen operation.
6) Four corners with dust-free system.
7) Various bottle accepted.
8) Stable sensor for bottle, tablet, air accompanied.
9) Accurate counting thanks to wider pitch hole.(30mm)

3. Less packaging high speed(6Line Double) : ACD-26S

1) TWIN FUNNEL BASED ACD series is the superior speed than single funnel based counter ACS series when performing less than 100 tablets per containers.
2) Max speed(30 tablets filling) : 100bottle/min
3) All major respective parts provided as assembly-format in order to simple & easy assembly, disassembly, and setting, Its separately operate for the sensing station & filling station by each 6 lines.


6 Line Double
Machine name
Multi-channel counter
12Line 1Head
12Line 2Head
6Line 2Head
Machine speed
(30T filling)
Container Size
Out diameter 20~120mm Height 50~220mm Bottle height Up to 200mm
Feeding method
3 step vibration feeding type
Control type
P.L.C & Touch screen
Data memory : 100Products
- Adjustable of touch screen : Rotary type
- Self diagnosis : Application
- Speed control of separate vibrator : Application(dividually type)
Power required
1 Phase 220V 50/60Hz
Compressed air
5~6kg/㎠ 50ℓ/min
5~6kg/㎠ 70ℓ/min
5~6kg/㎠ 70ℓ/min
Detection sensor
By infrared type
Machine size(mm)
(W)1500 (L)2410 (H)2100
(W)1590 (L)4160 (H)2100
(W)1590 (L)3050 (H)2100
Machine weight
Line : single
Line : Double
Line : Double
- Guide : Easy adjustable guide
- Material : Stainless steel frame & slat chain
- Motor : 60W speed control motor
- Max speed : 30m/min
- Dia range of bottle ; Up to 120mm
Capacity : 20Liter
Capacity : 20Liter 2pcs
Capacity : 20Liter
- Material : Stainless steel
- A kind of sensor : Photo sensor
- Hopper gate : Screw type
- Ability of hopper gate
- Adjusting supplied product

* Specification might be changed without the notice for the improvement of the performance as per URS(User Requirement Specification).